Key Benefits of the award-winning
Tow-bars2tow-cars A- Frame :

  • Unique Electronically braked A-Frame.  
  • Strong, lightweight, easy to fit.
  • Our A-Frame system is 100% legal and meets all known legislation.
  • Vehicle is left very tidy when the system is removed.
  • Safety breakaway features built in.
  • Electronic proportional braking.
  • Folds for storage into the car boot.
  • Supplied as a package with a vehicle, or:
  • Professionally fitted to your own vehicle.
  • Our all-new electronic braked A-frame system is designed for today’s motorhome enthusiast who wants the freedom to roam when they reach their destination.
  • Utilising the latest electronic technology, Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars offers you a superbly strong but lightweight system. This is both attractive and incredibly easy to fit and remove and, unlike other systems, your car's modern appearance is maintained when you're driving your car.
  • Our unique electronic braking system gives you far more control over the braking of your tow-car, and it meets all European towing rules.
  • Tow-Bars 2 Tow-Cars Ltd specialises in supplying a total package of tow car of your choice fitted with our A-frame conversion, with all electronics and mechanical components installed to a professional standard.
  • We also retro-fit our system to customers' own cars.
  • Please check around our web site for technical information, car sales and FAQS, or call us now for more information.


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